Thanks for dropping by! I’m Liana, a professional wedding photographer, with a background in robotics engineering.

Over the years, I’ve tried various dual harness designs, and none of them made me 100% happy. So I’ve just built my own, the way I wanted it. An awesome Mexican tooled leather one – The Gunslinger was born!

As I couldn’t possibly be seen in public with a mismatched harness and outfit, I’ve built myself a few more to fix that problem 🙂. I’ve made them for my second shooters, for my photographer friends, and quite a few on commission.



Every single harness is custom built per your request. I don’t hold stock – instead, I work with you to design a one-of-a-kind item, with your choice of leather from a large list of colours, patterns, and buckle styles. The funkier the better! If you have a crazy idea of what you’d want, we work together to try and bring it to fruition.

You may find THE PROCESS page useful to see what your options are. You should have a look around THE SHOP to get some inspiration. If you like anything from the shop, you can go ahead and order it, or else contact me to make you a BRAND NEW, BESPOKE design.

I offer designs in different widths. The most popular sizes are 36mm and 40mm wide straps. Everything I build is 100% leather.

If you want something different than the same old black or brown options, don’t be shy about getting in touch! (I’ll make you a really kick-ass black or brown one anyway if that’s what you want 🙂 )